SmokersCo Primary Link ONLINE

Established vendor of cannabis products. Ships to most of Europe. BTC and XMR accepted.


CvvUnion Primary Link ONLINE

Worldwide credit card seller with large database. Bitcoin, Litecoin and Monero supported.


Gamma Goblin Store Primary Link  Alt Link ONLINE

Famous wholesaler of of LSD and other psychedelics since 2012. Ships worldwide and accepts both Bitcoin and Monero.

Black Market Guns

Black Market Guns Primary Link ONLINE

Worldwide supplier of guns, ammunition and other firearms. Trading since 2018. Many different cryptos supported.

Biden Cash

Biden Cash Primary Link ONLINE

Credit card seller. All payments in Bitcoin.

Yale Lodge

Yale Lodge Primary Link ONLINE

Credit card and SSN vendor. BTC, LTC and XMR all accepted.

DMT Carts

DMT Carts Primary Link ONLINE

Established US-US only vendor of DMT and THC products. BTC and XMR accepted.

Tribe Seuss

Tribe Seuss Primary Link ONLINE

Seller of LSD and other psychedelics. Ships from multiple locations worldwide. All payments in Monero.


Pygmalion's Refuge Primary Link ONLINE

German seller of Cocaine, MDMA, 2CB, Mephedrone, DMT, LSD and Methamphetamine. Ships worldwide. Payments in XMR.

The Spitzenkörper

The Spitzenk√∂rper Primary Link ONLINE

Store of German vendor Mushroomgod, selling whole magic mushrooms, spore swabs, extracts and live cultures. BTC and XMR accepted.

Roi Business

Roi Business Primary Link ONLINE

Bulk supplier of stimulants, psychedelics, dissociatives and research chemicals. Ships worldwide. Payment in BTC or XMR.


Smackers Primary Link ONLINE

United States based store selling Xanax and Oxycodone. Small and bulk quantities both available. Bitcoin, Litecoin and Monero all accepted.

Libre Shop

Libre Shop Primary Link ONLINE

Large store selling many different drugs, alongside counterfeits and fraud related items. Shipping from multiple locations worldwide. BTC and XMR payments.

Majestic Bank

Majestic Bank Primary Link ONLINE

KYC free exchange supporting many different cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Litecoin and Monero. Variable fees as low as 0.5%.


eXch Primary Link ONLINE

Automatic crypto exchange supporting most major currencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Monero. Flat or dynamic rates available with fees as low as 0.5%. No registration or login required to preserve user anonymity.


Coinomize Primary Link ONLINE

Bitcoin mixer / tumbler. Fully anonymous and no registration required. Outputted Bitcoin can be spread across up to 5 different wallets according to use preference. Offers a guarantee of 100% clean coins.


Swpcx Primary Link ONLINE

Instant and no KYC cryptocurrency exchange for swapping between Bitcoin and Monero.

Infinity Exchanger

Infinity Exchanger Primary Link  Alt Link ONLINE

Anonymous darknet cryptocurrency exchange supporting Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and Monero. Supports multi-currency conversion. Fixed 4% swap fee.


btcmix Primary Link ONLINE

Bitcoin mixer offering fees as low as 0.3%. Allows provision of up to 5 different receiving addresses for added security. No registration needed.


SuprBay Primary Link ONLINE

Official forum for torrent site The Pirate Bay.


Dread Primary Link ONLINE

Reddit style darknet discussion forum.


Pitch Primary Link ONLINE

X (Twitter) style darknet social media network.

Tor Project

Tor Project Primary Link ONLINE

Official Tor Project onion mirror.


Naturella Primary Link ONLINE

Database of information about natural psychoactive substances.